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30 comments on “Customer Testimonials

  1. Two things, if you’re looking for AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE and a GREAT VAPE with FLAVORFUL JUICES you’ve found the right location! I am a “newbie” to the vaping world. I was ready to give up vaping due to my initial bad experiences with several products. Since then one of the co-owners Chris has gladly taken his valuable time to explain where I was going wrong and shared with me some vital information on continuing my education in the vaping world. You just don’t see the one on one personal service like the Vape Dudes deliver hardly anymore! It’s nice to know that the customer still matters in this world! Because of this I am proud to say that “I will continue to vape using exclusively the Vape Dudes product line!” VAPE-ON Chris!

    Thanks Dude,
    Brandon B. from Austin, TX

  2. I, too, have received nothing but the highest quality of service and customer service from VapeDudes! If you want to vape the best eliquid on the www then head on over to VapeDudes. They have a huge variety of flavors to choose from and their taste is spot on! They go above and beyond to take care of ALL of their customers needs. I have experienced this through a custom order. I asked and they made it ~ yup, it was just like that. I had the product in my hand less than a week later. Thank you VapeDudes! You peeps are the BEST and I will also be a life long customer because YES YOU ARE THAT GOOD!
    Wendy Swartz

  3. I called with MANY questions and got AMAZING service!!! I got my answers and MORE! I truly got an education on “vapeing”. I got my order like speedy fast and was so impressed with the QUALITY! This site is AMAZING! I am SO glad the guy at the mall kiosk ACCIDENTALLY mentioned Vape Dudes! I can get my supplies cheaper and the quality, variety and service is amazing!!!! I couldn’t be happier that I found you guys! Thanks and Vape On!!!
    So sincerely,
    Diane Hedricks in Virginia

  4. Vapedudes you guys are AMAZING! yes… i said AMAZING! You guys are my number one vender, yes I use other vendors from time to time, but only for flavors that you guys don’t carry or may be out of, and that rarely happens because I’ve never been more satisfied with any other company.. I’ve yet to taste a product of the same flavor that actually taste better than yours! and I’ve yet to find a vape company whos costumer service rocks more than yours! Everyone is always super nice when I call to make a custom order, or have any other kind of inquiry. You guys are number one in juice and customer service! Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!
    -Zach from Greenwood, SC

  5. I have recieved the best customer service and also tons of perks with VapeDudes!! I absolutely love this company and have been completely satisfied with every juice I have purchased! Best juice I have found yet, with best prices anywhere! Vape on dudes!

  6. I am a new customer that loves you all already. I got a bunch of e juices and am slowly trying them because some of them need to steep awhile. The Mocha Java and Buttery Nipple were raring to go right out of the bottle though and they are spot on. My husband said wow these are great! and everyone that smells them said wow those smell like the real deal:) Keep up the great work and friendlieness and helpfulness that you all give at VapeDudes. I am telling everyone I know about you and hope they decide to give you a try. They won’t be sorry:)

  7. Let me just say that I am so impressed.
    I am a fairly new to vaping and have been trying a number of different companies looking for my ‘go-to’ vendor. I heard about VapeDudes on ECF and tried out their eliquid special offer.
    Communication of my order was prompt, shipping was super-fast, and the service was perfect! Even using a special offer, VapeDudes threw in an extra eliquid for me to try.
    I’ve barely even cracked the eliquid and I already know that I’ve found a vendor to keep!!

  8. With The Vape Dudes you can not go wrong,if you want great service,excellent products for a fine Vaping experience The Dudes Do It Right.Just got an order in today and always impressed with how fast it arrives and quickly opened my package and opened up a new Graduated CE4 cart.,and proceeded to fill er up with the new Natural Maraschino Cherry juice and fired it up and now have a new flavor Flav.This Company is a keeper for sure.I most highly recommend them anf their products to anyone of refined taste.Thanks once again Vape Dudes ,will be back very soon.Invictus247

  9. I have been vaping for about 6 months and was going through another company for my juices. A friend of mine told me about vapedudes and I had to try it. I was instantly hooked. Not only was the flavor amazing, it actually matched the name on the bottle! Vapedudes hit it right on the money when it comes to matching flavors. They also hit it when it comes to customer service! They have fast delivery with awesome shipping. Many flavors to choose from…you cant go wrong if you order from these guys! Keep up the good work vapedudes!! You have a loyal customer right here!

  10. I am new to the growing pains of vaping and have tried many vendors. I keep coming back to Vape Dudes!!!!!
    Best juice out there hands down!!!
    My last order had a small problem and they fixed it the next day without question or delay!! Regardless of the mistake or not, I was on the path to being a loyal customer…… the great customer service just sealed the deal!!
    Fast delivery every single time, and did I say great juices?!!?

    Keep up the great work and thanks again,
    Dana in Reno

  11. Loving this stuff and awesome shipping and CS. Doing reviews now since I wanted to let the juices steep real good. Oh yeahhh….. I got my favs for sure! :)

  12. Awesome prices, awesome flavors, awesome customer service, awesome shipping…..You guys are just awesome!! New to vaping, found your site and I am amazed. I wish I would have found you first, would have saved a lot of money. I am sending everyone I know your way because I wish someone would have done that for me. You can’t go wrong with these people, they really “get” customer service.

  13. I ordered a bunch of samples from Vape Dudes. They were perfect right out of the mailbox. Didn’t have to steep any, although I’m sure they will get even better over time.. if that’s possible. These juices are so crisp and clean with outstanding flavor, throat hit and vapor production! I’m really impressed with all 13 bottles I ordered. Jolt is named appropriately and a great caffine fix fo sho!! Now I have to order more in 30 ml. I’m hooked! Vape Dudes, y’all have done an awesome job with these juices. I’ve been vaping for nearly a year, and ordered from so many places, but your juices are the best I have had yet!! Thanks a million.. Kristi from Alabama

  14. Got ejuices today and went thru them..BaffleBerry was smooth and could taste some berry but not enough for me to really enjoy………Snickersdoodle was sorta blan and not much taste to it that I liked but the Tiramisu juice was good, Can’t put my finger on how to describe taste but it had nice rich taste and the butterscotch I do love it for a now and then vape or topping a tobacco cart with it to give the tobacco a nice blend!

  15. The Maple Island, American Standard are my favorites. The Classic Tobacco was ok just not enough taste for me since trying out the other 2 mentioned. :)

  16. I have been a satisfied customer for many months now! I love Jen and Chris sooo much! They are very customer service friendly and care about making every customer smile! I believe that they are the main suppliers of vape juice for ALL of my friends here in South Florida!

  17. Excellent customer service, greatly appreciated the quick feedback and as for the liquids …. awesome !!!
    Thanks guys (… and girls) !!

  18. I have tried a few brands. At a tobacco shop I was told vape dudes were their biggest seller. He recommended buttery nipple, I don’t drink so I was unaware of what to expect I went back and bought tobacco flavor.( I use a atomizer ” on the go” I bought a another tobacco shop which are disposable yet I pop the top and refil.)
    Buttery nipple- way too sweet, butterscotch, ( or mayple syrup) which may be how the drink is. I am not a fan of the sweet. BTW- the price was 15.99 + tax for 10ml
    I went to vape dudes site and found them for 5.99 Yey!
    The tobacco had a Carmel flavor. Also not a fan.
    Online I ordered ( had product in 4 days, and very little for shipping!) HOT BLOND which said ” light and sweet coffee, I figured I would give it a try. I also ordered 2 FLAVORLESS to use alone or dilute the others. The HOT BLOND tasted like toasted marshmallows, ek.
    Everyone has their specific likes, fruity or nutty or candy like black licorice or bubble gum etc.
    FLAVORLESS has the very best ” flavor” for me I will continue to try and I will always order from VAPEDUDES! Great plume of vape, fresh non burnt taste, great options for nicotine from 0-24mg, easy to use website.
    Vape on!
    Rachel- Dallas

  19. Once again Vape Dudes has done it again!! Great customer service and great juice. I had a recommendation for a flavor of juice and they mixed it right up and sent it out. And ofcourse it was spot on, they seem to be able to make anything. I have experienced several other vaping companies, and nothing compares. If there’s ever a problem Vape Dudes has always made it right. Ive had problems with my postman and deliveries and Vape Dudes always helps. Wich I cannot say the same for the other “Juicy” companies. I cant say enough great things about the friendly staff. So thanks for your greatness and selflessness in this sometimes selfish world we live in. I will always be back. :)

  20. I am a very picky vape(or) I have tried many brands and flavors. I decided to try a brand tat is sold at a smoke shop near by. It was 15.99 for the small bottle, I went online and found it for 5.95!!! and 3.00 for shipping. I was so excited!! I ordered it and recieved the product in 3 days. I came online to order again, and thought I would leave a review. Love the product, thicker liquid, great plumes of vape, fresh flavor! My search is over. Thanks Vape Dudes.
    Vape on

  21. I only order menthol, used to order somewhere else but their menthol went uck Turned out totally OK because Vape Dudes Ice Ice double flavor ! umm, perfect !
    My all day, every day vape, love it! Thanks Vape Dudes!

  22. My order just arrived. The Fire and Ice is great. The Pumpkin Pie is awesome. The Lemon Ice is delicious. I tend to be very particular about my flavors and have been unable to locate many I like at my local store here in the mall. Yours are outstanding!!! I can’t wait to sample the Mocha Java Drizzle. I was initally concerned about the estimated delivery times, but when I noticed that you custom blend each order to my specifications and then ship, I decided that I could be patient enough and wait. The order arrived within the time period specified and the products are awesome!!! Vape Dudes, YOU ROCK!!!

  23. I’m a long time vaper who likes to DIY so I know good juice when I vape it. These Dudes know how to make juice. Coconut Cream Pie is my new favorite, I can’t wait to try some of their other recipes.

  24. just got my order. buttery nipples is the best. also ordered vanilla coffee. very good also. very pleased with my order. you guys are the best. have ordered from others online and was not real pleased with it. will be ordering more from vape dudes.

  25. Just got my first order today.I,m very Happy.I have spent lots money on others that I did not like and they did not stand behind there product.this is the best.It’ so good I went back online & got more.It so awesome .try the bwaffel,sugar cookie,blueberry cream.All 3 are awesome.Thanks Vape Dudes ur the best…
    Vape on Vape strong.

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